My colleague Roland Dreger has just open-sourced its terrific OpenType Features palette for InDesign, an awesome script that lets you globally control the OpenType attributes of any installed font… “without flyouts, dropdowns, and the like.”

Since the script is loaded in a modeless dialog (that is, a ScriptUI palette), you can both examine and dynamically change any parameter available in the selection while modifying its contents or the applied font. The tool is smart enough to indicate conflicting features (see the red background below) in case the target text has heterogeneous properties:

The dialog allows you to dynamically interact with the selection.

Note. — More tips and tricks are detailed in the README page.

OpenType Features not only offers you a comprehensive and integrated picture of all OpenType properties that InDesign can handle, it also allows you to create character styles on the fly, based on the current settings:

Create character style with selected OpenType features.

What a gem!!! I bet it's gonna be hugely successful in the InDesign community. As Roland writes, “OpenType features are a wide field to get lost in. This is the first version of the script, maybe I will add more functions in the future…” Well, next step is probably to add localization in other languages—for the time being, the script supports the German and English locales. Follow closely the updates on GitHub!

• OpenType Features (v. 1):

• Quick Demo on Vimeo:

• Roland Dreger's personal website: