Please read carefully the terms and conditions of this license agreement before installing the Digital Work downloaded from The Digital Work is copyrighted and licensed (not sold) to you by MARC AUTRET / INDISCRIPTS.COM, for use only under the terms of this license. Any rights not expressly granted to you are reserved.



1.1. Subject. — This license agreement governs the use of a Digital Work and the files that compose it.

1.2. Acceptation. — By downloading and installing the Digital Work on your computer, you accept all the terms of this license agreement, which forms a legal contract between you and MARC AUTRET / INDISCRIPTS.COM. If you do not agree to the following terms, do not purchase, do not download and do not use the Digital Work.


2.1. Digital Work. — “Digital Work” is used herein to refer to either a digitally stored software program (sometimes referred to as “the program”, “the script”, “the plug-in”), or a digitally stored document (sometimes referred to as “the eBook”). A software program is a set of statements or instructions, such as JavaScript code, to be used in a computer and/or with a specific host application. Many of the Digital Works featured on are scripts or plug-ins intended to be used in Adobe® InDesign®. Some Digital Works featured on are electronic documents or “eBooks” supplied as PDF files.

2.2. Owner of the Digital Work (licensor). — “MARC AUTRET / INDISCRIPTS.COM” (we) is used herein to refer to the owner (licensor) of the Digital Work. “INDISCRIPTS.COM” is a website, a domain name and a trade name owned by MARC AUTRET. “MARC AUTRET” is the name of a sole proprietorship based in France and owned by Marc Autret (see legal page). The “Digital Work remains the entire property of the licensor.

2.3. User of the Digital Work (licensee). — “The User” (you) is used herein to refer to the individual licensed end user entering into this license agreement (the licensee). There is no distinction between the user and the licensee since this license agreement is strictly limited to the end user of the Digital Work. If you act as a contractor, employee or agent for a business or a legal entity, then you probably need an extended license. In that case, please contact us at legal [at] indiscripts {dot} com.

2.4. Use. — To “use” the Digital Work means that the Digital Work is installed in the permanent memory of a computer or storage device, and/or loaded in the temporary memory (RAM) of a computer, and/or displayed on the screen of a computer or digital device.


3.1. Scope. — Subject the provisions contained herein, MARC AUTRET / INDISCRIPTS.COM grants to you a non-exclusive, non-sublicense, non-transferrable, and strictly personal license to use the Digital Work. Please note that some third party materials included in the Digital Work, or required for the purpose of using the Digital Work, may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

3.2. Duration, Termination. — This license agreement is effective upon your download of the Digital Work package from, and shall continue until terminated. The contract will terminate automatically, without notice from MARC AUTRET / INDISCRIPTS.COM, if you fail to comply with any provision of this license agreement. You can terminate this agreement by destroying ALL the copies of the Digital Work files and ceasing all use of the Digital Work for any purpose.

3.3. Location. — This license grants the right to use ONE copy of the Digital Work on a single computer AT A TIME. Subject to articles 3.5. and 3.6. each additional use or installation requires an additional purchased license.

3.4. Shared Uses. — You may install the Digital Work on a common storage device shared by multiple computers, provided EACH user having access to the common storage device is personally licensed to use the Digital Work. No other shared or network use is permitted.

3.5. Backup Copy. — You have the right to make ONE copy of the Digital Work, solely for backup purposes, provided your backup copy is not used on any computer in conjunction with the primary use.

3.6. Work and Home Use. — If you primarily install the Digital Work in your work office for professional use, then you have the right to install the Digital Work on ONE of your home computers too. However, the Digital Work may not be used on your home computer at the same time it is being used on the primary computer.

3.7. Commercial Use. — In the particular case where the Digital Work is a SOFTWARE PROGRAM —such as script, or plug-in— whose purpose is to provide the ability to create, edit, transform, or process digital content(s) such as graphical artwork, design layout, text, reports, documents, etc., you may use these RESULTING CONTENT(S) for commercial purposes, subject you not resell, re-license, or re-distribute the software program itself, or any derivative product. Is regarded as “commercial use” the sale of goods or services bearing the RESULTING CONTENT(S) performed by the software program for electronic or print media, press, magazines, newspapers, books, eBooks, book covers, leaflets, flyers, booklets, etc., including for advertising and editorial purposes.

3.8. Fair Use, Publicity. — In the case where the Digital Work is a digital book (EBOOK), or similar, you are allowed to publicly reproduce brief (non substantial) portion of its contents for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

In the case where the Digital Work is a SOFTWARE (script, plug-in...), you are allowed to capture and reproduce “screenshots” of the user interface for purposes such as demonstration, tutorial, criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

In any of the above cases, you must distinctly mention the title of the Digital Work, the name of the author—Marc Autret—and his co-authors (if relevant), and our web address:

Example of a fair mention:

IndyFont Pro (v. 1.1), by Theunis de Jong and Marc Autret,


4.1. You shall NOT modify, alter, adapt, derive, mix, import, export, or translate the Digital Work.

4.2. You shall NOT decompile, disassemble, attempt to decode, reverseengineer or discover the source code of the Digital Work.

4.3. You shall NOT remove any copyright mention, trademark or watermark from any place where it appears on the Digital Work.

4.4. You shall NOT sell, rent, lease, lend, deploy, or sublicense the Digital Work.

4.5. You shall NOT make the Digital Work available on a private or public digital network, service, or servicebased product including, but not limited to web hosting, e-commerce services, software provider, digital asset library, workflow.

4.6. You shall NOT transfer the present license, or any of the rights under this licence, to any third party.