Download right now IndyFont's Manual (PDF, 40 pages):

Download “IndyFont 1.1 Manual” (PDF, 40 pages)

Overview and Key Features

IndyFont for Adobe InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6/CC is a tool with which you can create your very own font in the familiar environment of InDesign itself, and use this new font straight away in your own documents. With IndyFont you can design a new typeface from scratch, based on your very own character designs. The file it produces is a valid OpenType font (OTF), which can be used in any software that supports OpenType fonts.

Here are some of the key features:

• InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC compatible, on Mac OS and Windows platforms.

• New user interface, providing either English, French, or German language depending on your InDesign localisation.

• Supports most of standard glyph names and their Unicode scalar values as specified in Adobe Glyph List.

• Automatic scanning of complex artworks (grouped spline items and/or compound shapes) and calculation of the final PostScript® outlines (fully CFF-compliant).

• Ability to derivate a new font template from an existing “Sample font” already active in InDesign.

• Support of basic standard OpenType features such as 'liga' (ligatures), 'smcp' (small caps), 'swsh' (swashes), 'onum' (oldstyle figures), 'zero' (slashed zero)… See details in the manual.

• Easily editable identification fields: font version, copyright, designer, license notice, etc.

…and so much more!

IndyFont's main dialog.

Give it a try!

IndyFont's TRY version offers most of the features of the PRO release, except it will only allow to export a single character per font. If you have to manage entire character sets, consider to purchase a PRO version license.

Installation. — The TRY and PRO versions of IndyFont are both delivered in the jsx format. You simply need to put the file in your Scripts Panel folder. The script is instantly available in the InDesign Scripts panel.

Note. — If you cannot find the location of your Scripts Panel folder, run InDesign and display the Scripts panel (Window > Automation > Scripts or Window > Utilities > Scripts). Then right-click the User folder and, in the fly-out menu, pick Reveal in Finder (Mac OS) or Reveal in Explorer (Windows). If there is not already a Scripts Panel subfolder within the revealed Scripts folder, create here a new folder named Scripts Panel.

IndyFont Screencasts, Tutorials and Reviews

• You can see IndyFont 1.1 in action on IndiscriptsTV. Especially, don't miss “Create a Custom Bullet Font with IndyFont 1.1” and “Add an Automatic Ligature to your Font”.

Ralf Herrmann has published, in German, a great review of IndyFont Pro: »Mit IndyFont Schriften in InDesign erstellen« (

Jean-Christophe Courte has also posted, in French, a nice overview of IndyFont Pro: « IndyFont 1.1 ou comment réaliser une typo personnalisée sous InDesign » (Tiaaft).

• Another nice article by Thierry Herman on Graphic Side of Life (in French): « Polices privées ».

• Don't miss this brilliant IndyFont review and demo by Robert Kaltenbrunn on Absatzsetzer (in German): »Schriften in Heimarbeit«.

Notice, Acknowledgements

IndyFont has been created by Theunis de Jong (aka Jongware). The very original demo version was available on the Internet in 2012. Then, Theunis and I co-authored and improved the final release, IndyFont 1.1, which is now available at

Thanks a lot to Birgit Stolte who has provided German localization.

Our very special thanks to our beta-testers, in no special order: Joel Cherney, John Hawkinson, Peter Kahrel, Dominique Chiron, Marijan Tompa, and Peter Spier.

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