Theunis de Jong and I are honored to announce that IndyFont was named one of the “Top 10 Most Valuable Plug-ins” in InDesign Magazine this month :-)

As David Blatner tells us in an email, “The ranking was based entirely on a survey that we sent out to a few dozen InDesign experts around the world.” It is therefore very gratifying that our product appears in this fine selection, alongside famous tools like Multi-Find/Change from Martinho da Gloria, in5 from Justin Putney, Batch Convert from Peter Kahrel, Calendar Wizard from Scott Selberg and a few other prestigious add-ons.

IndyFont review, by Conrad Chavez.

And I love the way Conrad Chavez presents IndyFont: “This could very well be the most amazing InDesign script ever written. It certainly has the ‘wow’ factor…” Fun fact: it is not even a plug-in per se! As David puts it, “we know that IndyFont is a script (…) Originally we were going to call the article ‘Most Valuable Add-Ons’ but we liked MVP more”.

Okay, and now I have two good news for the readers of this blog:

• First, a special reprint of InDesign Magazine's MVP review is available for free (PDF, 14 pages, 3 MB).

• Moreover, David invites us to share with you a discount code to get $10 off a membership to The code is: MVP. Isn't that a nice opportunity to discover the “World's #1 resource for all things InDesign”?

• Link: InDesign Magazine, Issue 137

• See also: IndyFont: “Design and build pure OpenType fonts in InDesign”