“Ten years ago, I used IndexMatic² for a very limited purpose in a local business directory project, and I thought it was beautifully implemented and meticulously documented,” Jeff writes in the preamble. And therefore you know that the reviewer is in the business, that he does not speak in a vacuum, that he will be able to appreciate the features and their evolution on concrete bases.

IndexMatic³ review in Creative Pro Magazine, May 2023, by Jeff Potter.

That's what I really like in this magazine: specialists in graphic arts software who not only give you practical keys, tips and tricks, but who do so from an authentic field experience. Jeff Potter devotes six full pages to IndexMatic³, with tests and screenshots to support. More than I would have dreamed of! He weighs the pros and cons with honesty, and he took the time to interview me to measure both the level of development of the program and what customers do with it around the world.

Resources, knowledge and community have been the three watchwords of CreativePro Network for nearly twenty-five years, driven by tireless enthusiasts known to all our readers in the InDesign universe (David Blatner, Mike Rankin, Anne-Marie Concepción, Keith Gilbert, Peter Kahrel…) So it's an honor to have my work recognized by such an established community. Not to mention these little sentences that are so good to read: “IndexMatic³ distills an amazing amount of power into a beautifully designed user interface—one refined enough that you might well forget that you are running a script.” Thank you Jeff, this gives fuel for the rest!

IndexMatic³ Review: “An Indexing Tour De Force”, by Jeff Potter.
CreativePro Magazine Issue 19: Virtual Photography, May 2023.