It is no coincidence that The Beauty of Bézier Curves sits in the top 5 of the Summer of Math Exposition contest. Grant Sanderson from 3Blue1Brown —who is himself one of the most talented authors in the field of “animated math”— urged Freya Holmér to design and polish what we might call an educational masterpiece.

Cubic Bézier curves are at the heart of InDesign (and Illustrator) paths. They are involved in all the tools and scripts that deal with “spline items,” like Wordalizer, IndyFont, Claquos, DrawWave, or the astonishing MojiDisassembler (JP) script for Illustrator.

The underlying math might intimidate the novice programmer, but Freya makes the subject so visually intelligible, and without masking the most subtle aspects, that you will master the De Casteljau's algorithm (and many other things) in less than 30 minutes!

Note. — To perfect your knowledge of Bézier curves, don't forget the comprehensive (and unsinkable) Primer on Bézier Curves from Pomax ;-)

• The Beauty of Bézier Curves:
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• Primer on Bézier Curves: