For many years BookBarcode allows InDesign users to create, update, layout and batch-process high quality EAN-13/ISBN-13 barcodes from within their favorite app. The script doesn't require any extra font, software or graphic component. It provides easy and powerful features for checking and editing barcodes that comply with the EAN-13 standard specified by the European Article Numbering Association aka GS1.

BookBarcode builds pure vector barcodes, straight in InDesign.

Although BookBarcode only supports the EAN-13 symbology so far (no extra-zone, no add-on digits), this format is used in worldwide retail barcodes and in particular for ISBN-13 book numbering, which makes the script very helpful to print publishers. In particular, BB offers a specific ISBN validation routine that instantly identifies the Registration Group Element, the Registrant Element and the Publication Element with respect to International ISBN Agency specifications.

What's New

Basically, version 2.036 (TRY and PRO) focuses on making BookBarcode CS6 and CC-friendly:

BookBarcode 2.036 is OK with InDesign CS6 and CC.

With the previous version, buttons and radiobuttons could remain ineffective, leading to unsuspected bugs or making the Batch Processing tool unavailable. It could also generate awful rounded barcodes in some configurations, etc.

In addition, BookBarcode 2.036 is able to build tinier barcodes, from 14×14 pt (about 4 mm.)

Last but not least, the ISBN ranges match the more recent changes specified by the ISBN Agency. For example, 978-621-12-3456-4 is now parsed as a valid code (Philippines zone) while it would have been considered “outside of ISBN's space” in older versions.

As usual, always give a full test to the TRY version before ordering the PRO version. The TRY version has some limitations (timer, etc) but it allows you to experiment every feature in your own workflow.

• For every detail on using and mastering BookBarcode 2.03, keep referring to the existing manual. Also, don't overlook the previous tutorials!