IndyFont is a great tool for designing symbol fonts. And InDesign has various display symbols used as placeholders for hidden characters like spaces, breaks, and so on. So I decided to create a specific typeface to finally make all those markers printable.

Using IndyFont to create the font InDesign Hidden.

An interesting fact is that many space characters can be actually changed into printable glyphs! This is the case of non-breaking spaces, en space, em space, third space, quarter space, sixth space, figure space, punctuation space, thin space, hair space, and some undocumented characters such as U+205F (MEDIUM MATHEMATICAL SPACE).

Our font InDesign Hidden Regular provides all those symbols, and many more in the “private use” area! Advanced visualization features are based on swash alternates, as shown below:

InDesign Hidden seen from the Glyphs panel.

Download the font and enjoy!

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InDesign Hidden Regular