Before you go any further, download the fresh Wordalizer 1.5 Manual (PDF, 18 pages):

Download Wordalizer 1.5 Manual” (PDF, 18 pages)

Overview and Key Features

Wordalizer is a word cloud builder for Adobe InDesign. It helps you extract, edit, and visualize the relevant vocabulary of a text, then it creates an original artwork based on those words, their frequency in the source, and many other settings you can fully customize.

Here are some of the key features:

• InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC compatible, on Mac OS and Windows platforms.

• New user interface, providing either English or French language depending on your InDesign localisation.

• Support for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian source texts.

• Ability to parse text from the active document, from an entire book, and even from the clipboard.

• Ability to manually edit the “weighted word list” before producing the word cloud (adding, removing, sorting, balancing weights).

• 100+ predefined color shemes.

• 8 geometrical patterns: Circle, Square, Cardioid, Hourglass, Lemniscate, Propeller, Trefoil, Explosion.

…and so much more!

Wordalizer 1.5 Main Dialog.

Give it a try!

Wordalizer's TRY version offers all the features of the PRO release, except it will automatically add on the word Wordalizer into your final artwork. If you need to handle a clean word cloud in production, consider to purchase a PRO version license.

Installation. — The TRY and PRO versions of Wordalizer are both delivered in the jsx format. You simply need to put the file in your Scripts Panel folder. The script is instantly available in the InDesign Scripts panel.

Note. — If you cannot find the location of your Scripts Panel folder, run InDesign and display the Scripts panel (Window > Automation > Scripts or Window > Utilities > Scripts). Then right-click the User folder and, in the fly-out menu, pick Reveal in Finder (Mac OS) or Reveal in Explorer (Windows). If there is not already a Scripts Panel subfolder within the revealed Scripts folder, create here a new folder named Scripts Panel.

Some examples

Feel free to send me your own Wordalizer artworks, or to post links in the Comments sections!

Simple word cloud based on a square.

From a French book.

Playing with “Hamlet” vocabulary.

A lexical propeller.

What did Kafka write by the way?

Notice, Acknowledgements

Wordalizer was formerly inpired by a famous web service, Wordle, created by Jonathan Feinberg.

My very special thanks to Jonathan Feinberg, Theunis de Jong, Dominique Chiron and Jean-Christophe Courte.

I also wish to thank the people who have helped improve and promote this product, in no particular order: Klaus Nordby, David Blatner from InDesignSecrets, Stéphane Baril from Adobe France, Loïc Aigon from Ozalto, Laurent Tournier from Indigrep, Cécile Mazin from ActuaLitté, Alexander Charchar from Smashing Magazine, Rinniee Ginsburg from Webgranth, Ingo Wilsinger, Jan Mirus. Not forgetting those graphic designers, trainers, authors, and InDesign gurus who have all contributed at some level to the success of Wordalizer: Sandee Cohen and Diane Burns (authors of “Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign”), Pariah Burke, Erica Gamet, Haeme Ulrich, Khaled Galal, Jennifer Blatz, Phillip Southgate and so many others!

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