Have you already switched to InDesign CC? That's OK! HurryCover 2.022 is out and, fortunately, we managed to make it compatible with the new—and tricky—release of ScriptUI. So you can continue to efficiently create, manage and resize your book covers even in the Creative Cloud…

HurryCover's fans had the unpleasant surprise to find themselves witnessing an instant crash in InDesign CC. Indeed, many GUI features have been seriously impacted by the new Adobe Creative Cloud and we developers look forward to critical bugs being fixed in that field.

Anyway you can already update HurryCover to version 2.022 and have it working in InDesign CC, on both Mac OS and Windows platforms. Of course this update is still CS4/CS5/CS6 compliant, so you can safely switch between coexisting installations of InDesign.

Typical look-and-feel of HurryCover 2.022 in InDesign CC (Mac OS Lion, English locale).

You may notice that, seen from InDesign CC the main dialog is very slightly, but gracefully degraded. Mainly, fonts and prompt boxes no longer display as in our original design, and the About box has been replaced by a basic pop-up:

Simplified About Box.

Aside from that all features and goodies should be preserved :) HurryCover still supports English, French, German, and Spanish localization. For more on its basic and advanced functionalities, go into the full PDF manual:

Download “HurryCover 2.0 Manual” (PDF, 16 pages)

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