Philipp Geuder, interface-design student at University of Applied Science in Potsdam, has created an amazing Layout Invaders script for the workshop Typography and Automation by Fabian Morón Zirfas. “The goal was to learn the basics of JavaScript for Adobe applications to apply this in automated layouts and generative art. Bring raw text into shape by rules.” The website features a number of very creative scripts. The most spectacular is undoubtedly Layout Invaders, as shown in this video:

“I set out to create a game to be played inside InDesign, Philipp says. After some fiddling around, googling and reading all I could find about the capabilities of InDesign scripting language, I had a functioning gameloop and working keyboard input. And about two weeks later, Layout Invaders was playable.” Congrats! This project really pushes the boundaries of imagination. Now give it a try, you will be overwhelmed!

Layout Invaders for InDesign CS5/CS6

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