IndexMatic² (iX²) helps you to compile an independent index from any InDesign document or book. You will want to use it to quickly build subject indexes, language indexes, author indexes, or even product nomenclatures! The script can process wordlists, regular expressions, and/or a number of advanced filters. It can automatically extract the whole vocabulary of the targeted document(s), or selectively retrieve the content from layers, footnotes, tables, style ranges...

For further details, check out the fresh and full IndexMatic² user's guide (PDF, 32 pages):

Download “IndexMatic 2.025 Manual” (PDF, 32 p.)

iX² is based on a sophisticated query engine that bypasses a number of time-consuming InDesign's features. It does not employ native indexes, it does not use GREP, it does not alter any existing document. Hence, it usually provides outstanding performance when processing long documents.

Key features

• InDesign CS3, CS4, and CS5+ compatible, Mac and Windows platforms.

• User interface: English (default) and French. (iX² auto-detects your InDesign locale.)

• Ability to sort the final entries according to 40+ language ordering rules.

• Output formats: plain text, XML file, InDesign snippet (CS4/CS5+ only).

• And still a bunch of iX²-unique features: page rank filter, generic space option, topic-rewriting, and so much more…

Try it!

The TRY version of IndexMatic² allows you to test most of the functionalities and to produce sample indexes (limited to 50 terms). A very few features are disabled:

Try vs. Pro Version Comparison Chart

No time limit, no counter OK OK
Full Query Interpreter (new version) OK OK
50-term-per-index Limitation YES NO!
InDesign Snippet (CS4/CS5+) DISABLED OK
Session-persistent settings DISABLED OK

If you wish to use IndexMatic² as a production tool, consider to purchase a PRO version license.

Installation. — The TRY and PRO versions of iX² are provided in the same format, a single JavaScript jsx file that you simply need to put in your Scripts Panel folder. The script is instantly available in the InDesign Scripts panel.

Note. — If you cannot find the location of your Scripts Panel folder, run InDesign and display the Scripts panel (Window > Automation > Scripts). Then right-click the Application folder if you need the script to be used by all users, or the User folder if you need the script to be used only by the current user. In the fly-out menu, pick Reveal in Explorer (Win) or Reveal in Finder (Mac). If there is not already a Scripts Panel subfolder within the revealed Scripts folder, create here a new folder named Scripts Panel.


I wish to specially thank:
   Peter Kahrel,
   Laurent Tournier,
   Herbert M. Tucker,
   Devvin Earnest,
   Ulrich Dirr,
for the great help they gave me during the beta test period of IndexMatic².

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