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Switching InDesign's UI Language (in Windows)

In a recent post, David Blatner (InDesignSecrets) offered us a free Mac OS application for InDesign to be displayed in various languages. Amazing tool for experiencing the user interface as translated for other countries. Fortunately Windows users can switch the UI too, by means of the Windows Registry.

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« Grep et InDesign CS3/CS4 »

« Grep et InDesign CS3/CS4 », par Laurent Tournier, à paraître chez Dunod

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Introducing InDesign Column Rules

Rules between columns are so usual —in newspapers, in technical books...— that nobody could explain why InDesign does not yet provide this functionnality. That's a big mystery. Layout designers have anchored objets, Grep styles, conditional texts and so much great tools improved by leaps and bounds, but vertical column rules, please? “Move along now, there's nothing to see!”

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Grep Style Gradual Stretch

Is it possible to automatically stretch a text according to its length? The question is simple and the answer is not that complex, thanks to the InDesign Grep Styles.

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