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“HTML Panels Development,” the Path to CC Extensions

“Photoshop HTML Panels Development – Build and Market Adobe Creative Cloud Extensions”, by Davide Barranca.Extending the capabilities of Creative Cloud apps is a Grail Quest for many users. Although it has been made possible (almost blindly) with Adobe Configurator, the new HTML panel architecture requires a huge cognitive leap. Alas and alack, no adequate documentation is available that would both synthesize knowledge and accompany learning. I mean, was available! Thanks to Davide Barranca and its “PhotoShop panels development” book and course, every developer can now access a solid, unfragmented information about Adobe HTML panels and extensions. And convert theory into practice…

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“InDesign automatisieren,” a Scripting Bible (in German)

“InDesign automatisieren – Keine Angst vor Skripting, GREP & Co.”, by Gregor Fellenz, dpunkt.verlag.It took me time to read the second edition of Gregor Fellenz' InDesign automatisieren since I do not speak German (!) but this book certainly is the best print reference for discovering InDesign scripting realm. Non-German speaking readers might find it pointless to review this book on my website. However it fills a huge gap and should be considered a model by many of us…

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InDesign Hidden Glyphs as a Typeface

Some InDesign placeholders

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‘Ultrafluid’ Line Wrap in InDesign

A typographer friend of mine wonders about the most convenient way to create text samples having arbitrary line wraps without hyphenation. Such layout is commonly used in foundries when preparing typographical specimens. Customers should be able to visualize the native behavior of the typeface without justification artifacts, therefore the sample text must be left-justified with no custom tracking/kerning/scaling applied…

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Scripts & Goodies You May Have Missed

Hey new visitors and InDesign fans! You probably haven't noticed the discreet question mark in the navigation bar, which connects you to the Help page. You'll find there a bunch of internal links, scripts, and goodies. Enjoy!

“Do You Plan to Have your Products CC-Compliant?!”

A lot of users and customers are anxiously awaiting updates of BookBarcode, IndexMatic, and other Indiscripts' tools that still refuse to properly work in InDesign CC. “Why does it take so long to have my favorite script running in my new environment?”, they ask…

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So What's New in InDesign CC Scripting DOM

Considering the size of the PDF, below, you could think that InDesign CC offers plenty of new features. But that's just an optical illusion! In fact, the vast majority of members introduced into the Scripting DOM regard QR Code's API, which is based on the recurring methods createEmailQRCode(), createHyperlinkQRCode(), createPlainTextQRCode(), createTextMsgQRCode(), and createVCardQRCode().

Apart from that a very small number of innovations is identifiable in the scripting area of InDesign CC—most are relative to look-and-feel and EPUB Export options. What is not highlighted here, however, is the fact that many ScriptUI features are now broken, or partially locked. The new InDesign skin subsystem introduces drastic limitations in the way scripters can customize oldschool user interfaces. For example, ScriptUI fonts do not seem to be supported anymore, and many event types or listeners (focus, onDraw…) are quite defective for various widgets. Also, FlashPlayer embedding leads to critical issues—as it has been reported that invokePlayerFunction() just does not work anymore. In short: very bad news for InDesign developers!

Download “What's New in InDesign CC Scripting” (PDF)

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“So What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting DOM”
“So What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting DOM”

Meet Loïc Aigon, Automation Expert!

My colleague Loïc Aigon recently updated his professional website: I take this opportunity to let him unveil axis and motions of a misknown job: automation expert

Loïc's Home Page / Design:

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140+ InDesign and Creative Tasks            You Didn't Know You Could Automate

140+ InDesign and Creative Tasks -- Top 2012 ReTweetsNew tools, new solutions, new ideas, emerge every day for and from InDesign and Creative Suite heroes. But strangely enough, most graphic designers and InDesign end-users still ignore—or cannot measure—the power of automation. As a kind of proof of concept I decided to start the year with a celebration of the most noticeable scripts, tools and resources that have shaken 2012 in this area. Since I use Twitter as a bookmarking platform, it seemed fun to compile a selection of links I've tweeted or re-tweeted during the last 12 months. This is also an opportunity to pay tribute to my colleagues, scripters, developers, trainers, and time-savers! Now make yourself comfortable and enter in the Productive Dome…

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Space Invaders Game in InDesign!

Layout Invaders for InDesign CS5/CS6, script created by Philipp Geuder.

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“ScriptUI for Dummies” (2.0)

My colleague and friend, Peter Kahrel, just put online the version 2.0 of his great eBook, “ScriptUI for Dummies”, a free PDF which teaches us everything about designing and scripting user interfaces based on the Adobe CS ScriptUI module.

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So What's New in InDesign CS6 Scripting DOM

InDesign CS6 is full of new features, which explains the size (98 pages) of the Object Members part in our tracking-change PDF below. Of course many additions regard interactivity, form behaviors and the related events. The Scripting DOM now includes the following ubiquitous collections: checkBoxes, comboBoxes, listBoxes, radioButtons, signatureFields, textBoxes. A number of existing objects have been extended accordingly.

Besides, there are many interesting additions to discover and experiment. Have fun!

Download “What's New in InDesign CS6 Scripting | Object Members” (PDF)

Download “What's New in InDesign CS6 Scripting | Enumerators” (PDF)

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“So What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting DOM”

Cyclic GREP Styles

Color Cycle based on GREP Styles.

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Cloning and Syncing Objects in ID CS5.5

Factorization is a profound paradigm in graphic design. Of course designers want to focus on newness, and they hate repeat what is already done. But this is a hard battle, because their work is mainly about pattern, analogy, iteration, derivation, and update, so they often have to deal with reusing the same stuff in a different way. Let's go further on this subject.

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InDesign CS4/CS5 Special Characters [Update]

Download “InDesign CS4/CS5 Special Characters and Metacharacters” (PDF)

Comment paramétrer les espaces dans InDesign

Le contrôle des espaces (chasse, justification, etc.) est le lieu d'une divergence historique entre XPress et InDesign. Tandis qu'InDesign propose une douzaine d'espaces distinctes qui semblent emprisonnées dans leur sémantique Unicode, XPress a souvent été considéré comme un outil plus flexible du fait qu'il ouvre à l'utilisateur le pouvoir de définir lui-même les valeurs d'espacement et les plages de variation dont il a besoin. Cependant, le déficit d'InDesign n'est pas aussi définitif qu'il y paraît…

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So What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting DOM

The interesting thing about tracking Scripting DOM changes from InDesign CS5 to InDesign CS5.5 is that this instantly reveals the main innovations of this ‘mid-cycle’ release —so that scripters can easily focus on the freshest features. The below PDFs offer you in a snap the tip of the iceberg: the new Article component and a bunch of new export options (HTMLExportPreference, EPubExportPreference, StyleExportTagMap, ObjectExportOption) that indicate the much greater integration of InDesign EPUB and digital publishing capabilities. Enjoy!

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting | Object Members” (PDF)

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting | Enumerators” (PDF)

• See also: “So What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting DOM”

So What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting DOM

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting | Object Members” (PDF)

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting | Enumerators” (PDF)

50 InDesign Scripts and Tools for End Users

What's in my Twitter bag from the last eight months? A lot of links, of course! The below selection only focuses on some of them —not necessarily the most popular ones, but preferably the ones you may have missed.

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Indiscripts 1st Anniversary: 25% Special Discount! 1st AnniversaryTwelve months have passed since the publication of the first article on this website. Thanks to you visitors, bloggers, Twitter subscribers, script users and developers, gradually becomes a place to share and discover the most productive scripts for Adobe InDesign. Well, now to the gift! From today until June 6, Indiscripts offers a special 25% discount on BookBarcode and Wordalizer PRO versions. All you need to do is just fill in the order form until next sunday. Enjoy!

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